Well, we are out of Beta and the Release Candidate of our Managed Voice solution is being scheduled for client testing.  It was quite a long test cycle as the Redundant link needed faster failover.  With that solved, we can now deliver small, medium and large solutions.  I am rather taken aback by the demand on this one.  Usually we need to explain the managed services options over typical capital outlays to clients, but it seems many customers have to replace their maxed out and legacy Nortel/Mitel/Panasonic/NEC voice systems with a true IP Telephony System.  The key being if a manufacturer gets acquired/goes bankrupt or some other possibility, we are on the hook to deliver upgrades/replacements or just deal with the situation.  They get an SLA on uptime for their Voice System just the same as the one we give them on Data.  In general, we are finding clients want less and less to do with technology selection.  They trust us – many for a very long time, they want to focus on their business and they want us to make them feel safe.

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