Managing your information security goals is by no means an easy feat. Zero-day threats, cyber attacks, malicious malware, social engineering scams, viruses, and hacking methods are constantly evolving.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 End-of-Support

On October 10, 2023, Microsoft will discontinue support for its Windows Server 2012, making it inefficient, non-compliant, and susceptible to cyber threats. This change affects all organizations using Windows 2012 servers for data storage and other communication needs. Learn everything you need to know about End of Support and when is the right time to take action here.

We understand that upgrading your server environment is a significant decision, and we are here to help. Our nationally ranked Managed IT Services team is ready to support you with your Microsoft Windows Server 2012 challenges.

Microsoft End-of-support

An Upfront Look at the Dangers of Cyber Security

Today’s businesses demand enhanced collaboration methods, easy to use information technology solutions, and the ability to work from anywhere, anytime. While Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions have improved our daily work lives, they have also introduced new problems when it comes to information security.

Below are several of the major security based risks and issues that organizations are dealing with today:

Password Management

Phishing & Social Engineering Scams

Data Breaches


Data Loss



Insider Threats

Whether you are currently facing an issue or want to increase your security readiness, IT Weapons is ready to help.

Full Spectrum Information Security Services

Looking for a second opinion on your security posture? Want the peace of mind afforded by advanced 24/7 security monitoring and alerting? IT Weapons can tackle your information security woes with one simple goal in mind…making you feel safe. IT Weapons offers the following core solutions and services, all designed to improve security and help you rest easy at night.

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Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MEDR)

Konica Minolta’s Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MEDR) service, powered by SentinelOne, is designed to protect supported endpoints, and respond to neutralize possible threats before they can compromise your operations.

  • EDR Solution Deployment
  • Deployment Gap Visibility
  • Policy Configuration, Tuning, and Exceptions
  • Proactive Threat Hunting
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Response
  • Reporting
  • Incident Response Assistance

Peace of mind for your business

The Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MEDR) service is fully managed, giving your business the backing of a team of security experts that use real world experience to continuously improve our platform and procedures.

MEDR Key Benefits

  • Global Security Experts
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Response
  • World-leading Partner
  • Complete End-to-end Protection
  • Installation and Deployment Included

Security Assessments

You don’t know where you are going until you know where you have been. Our highly experienced security consultants can assess your current security measures for potential weaknesses and entry points. Backed by industry leading diagnostic and discovery tools, our team can help make major improvements to your security posture.

IT Weapons can help you understand your current information security risks and clearly outline what needs to be done to improve.

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Our Security Assessments include:

  • Information Security Posture Review
  • Network Security Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Policy Auditing
  • Password Strength Testing
  • Firewall Assessments
  •  Anti-virus Assessments
  • Disaster Recovery Readiness
  • Cloud Security Health Checks
  • Social Engineering Tests
  • Physical Security Assessments
  • Azure Security Score Management
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Review
  • Phishing Assessments
  • Mobile/Web Application Assessments

Consultation and Remediation

Understanding the current threat landscape is an important aspect of information security. Correcting any detected risks and issues is what truly makes you feel safe. With over 20 years of experience remediating security risks, ITW’s Professional Services team has the knowledge to keep hackers and data thieves away from your business data.

Our Security consulting services include:

  • Security Essentials
  • Antivirus and Anti-malware reviews and deployments
  • Firewall audits and rule modifications
  • Licensing reviews
  • Security policy creation
  • Security hardening
  • Physical security audit
  • Network security enhancements
  • User awareness training
  • Anti-Spam deployments
  • Compliance and audit preparation
  • Risk Management Assessments

Security Essentials

The only way to improve security is to find out exactly where your problems areas are.

Security Essentials is a comprehensive security awareness solution that provides meaningful discovery and insight for every facet of your security program. With Security Essentials, you will know exactly where your security gaps are, while also having access to our team of security experts who can help you understand, prioritize, and remediate any issues.

Security Essentials includes the following core services:

  • Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Password Enumeration
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Enhanced Mail Security
  • Health Checks and Assessments
  • Security Posture Review
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Health Check
  • Network Infrastructure Assessment
  • Firewall Health Check
  • Antivirus Infrastructure Health Check

Managed Information Security Services

Discovering security issues is only half of the battle. IT Weapons is one of the top ranked Managed Security Services Providers in North America. We have the team, experience, and tools to diligently protect your security assets on an ongoing basis.

IT Weapons fast acting incident response team can discover and stop security issues in real-time.

How does your business measure up? Download our free security checklist.

Education and User Awareness Training

The most challenging aspect about information security is also the one thing you cannot fully control…your users. Poor password practices and a lack of general security awareness is one of the primary causes of security incidents.

IT Weapons can help you gauge your current level of information security awareness. In addition, our team will help you take major steps towards preventing common social engineering attacks from harming your business. IT Weapons can help you with the following:

Phishing Simulation Tests

76% of businesses reported being a victim of a phishing attack in the last year.

What is Phishing?

A phishing scam is when data thieves use a fake email to trick you into revealing personal information. Examples include a password or credit card information, or a fake attachment containing malware.

Protecting Your Organization from Phishing Scams

The only true way to protect your business from phishing is Security Awareness. Can your employees spot common tell-tale signs of phishing emails? Would your employees download an attachment from an unknown sender? Want to find out?

Simulated Phishing Tests

  • Discover your current overall level of email phishing awareness while also educating every employee at the same time.
  • Test your employee’s knowledge on email phishing attacks.
  • Receive a detailed report of who opened the email, clicked on links, entered a password, or downloaded an attachment.
  • Instantly educate employees who fell for the simulated scam, showing them what they should look out for next time.

User Awareness Training

Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people. — Bruce Schneier

Education is key when it comes to securing your data. Despite all efforts to secure your business, weak passwords, social engineering and other poor security practices are the cause of many security issues. IT Weapons User Awareness Training programs can help you take the necessary steps to improve security awareness.

Options include:

  • Easy to consume, time efficient, and module based training programs
  • Simple testing after each program to increase retention
  • Educate users on the pitfalls of security practices, and how they not only affect the company, but themselves as well
  • Teach employees how to create easy to remember and secure passwords

Social Engineering Tests

Is there information available on the internet about your employees that could lead to a data leak? Do employees follow security best practices? Do you have procedures in place to avoid voice phishing (vishing) and other social engineering attacks? Our trained security consultants can help you put procedures and education plans in place to protect your business.

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