Safeguard your email, secure your sensitive data, and protect your users from today’s advanced online threats with Office 365 Security and Protection.

Cloud tools like Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online offer limitless productivity for today’s mobile workforce. But your data in the cloud is still vulnerable to attack. Understanding the shared responsibly for security in the cloud is critical to your ongoing success.

Microsoft provides excellent security for their cloud infrastructure, but you still have plenty of work to do. Each Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online customer is responsible for their own data in the cloud. This is why Office 365 security should be a very real concern for you and your organization.

Over 90% of all cyber attacks start with email. The risks are real and the consequences are dire. Today’s cloud-first business must take a multi-layered approach when it comes to securing your cloud-based email and user data from today’s growing ransomware and other cyber threats.

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Introducing Office 365 Security and Protection

Stop threats at your weakest entry point and have peace of mind knowing that your employees can stay online, productive, and safe.

Our experts can help you properly configure, maintain, and tweak all the advanced Office 365 security features.

Common Concerns with Microsoft Office 365

What data security features Come with Office 365?

Many of the licensing options for Office 365 offer several security features. Almost all of them are not turned on by default and require configuration and security know-how to set up.

Are there industry specific configurations for Office 365 I should know about?

Office 365 is built to serve any industry. Your organization, however, may have specific compliance needs and requirements that impact how you use cloud applications.

How can I secure my sensitive data in the Cloud?

Microsoft provides many options to protect and secure your sensitive data. But, as with most security initiatives, a “set it and forget it” approach is not recommended. Hackers and data thieves continue to evolve and get more sophisticated. It’s important to make sure that you frequently review and adjust any previously configured security settings.

Is Cloud based email right for my business?

Cloud services continue to provide many business benefits for organizations of all sizes. But it’s important to remember that email in the Cloud may not be right for everyone. Before going Cloud, let an experienced services provider assess your business needs.

What Microsoft and Other Experts Are Saying About Office 365 Security

Microsoft offers some of the most secure data centers available in North America, with a vast array of compliance checks and security-based procedures designed to keep customer data exactly where it is suppose to be. However, while Microsoft’s built security features are impressive, the out of the box security features do little to protect you from email-based attacks and compromised passwords.

Have you reviewed Microsoft’s security and compliance suggestions?

One common misconception with Office 365 Security is that is it secure with much intervention from a business owner or IT leader. The truth is, Microsoft does offer many tools and suggestions for keeping your accounts safe, but many of them require time, effort, and general security knowledge to properly configure.

In addition to Microsoft’s constantly evolving security recommendations, the U.S Government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), released a series of suggestions and recommendations for keeping your Office 365 accounts secure.

CISA’s Top Office 365 Security Recommendations:

  • Enable Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Enable Mailbox Auditing
  • Enable AD Password Sync
  • Disable legacy email protocols

Make the Most of Office 365 Built In Security

Trust IT Weapons to deliver advanced threat protection for Office 365. Turbocharge the built in security features and get added layers of protection.

Get the most out of your Office 365 subscription with IT Weapons Office 365 Security and Protection.

Our Microsoft Security experts will properly configure and utilize Microsoft’s built in security features, providing your business with the following key benefits:

Email protection through fortified anti-malware and anti-phishing defenses

Identity security through Azure AD password sync and Azure MFA for admins

Enhanced incident response and activity tracking through unified audit logging and mailbox auditing

Malicious links protection through anti-spam protection and Safe Links

Added visibility into the most targeted individuals within the organization through daily IT Weapons’ Office 365 risk reports

Extended security recommendations through quarterly reviews with IT Weapons

Office 365 Security and Protection can stop threats at your weakest entry point. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your employees can stay online, productive, and safe.

With our latest Office 365 Security and Protection, your business will receive:

  • Peace of mind that industry and government best practices are being followed
  • Time with an ITW Security Expert to review your Microsoft Security Score on a regular basis
  • Ongoing security policy tuning based on Microsoft and ITW recommendations
  • Realtime reporting and visibility

Does my Business Need Help with Compliance?

Microsoft is constantly adding new features that impact Office 365 Security. This makes it very difficult for one person to stay on top of this ever-changing product. One surprise for many businesses is that most advanced security features within Office 365 are not enabled by default.

IT Weapons is a Managed IT Services Provider with a robust and experienced Microsoft Technologies and Security practice. Our experts have a complete understanding of everything required to help keep your Office 365 tenant secure.

How Safe is Your Office 365 data?

Could you restore an employee’s online mailbox? What would happen if you lost all of your customer data stored in SharePoint online? How critical is Microsoft Teams to your business?

It is important to have a data loss prevention plan in place to restore data that is critical to your business operations. This becomes especially important when it comes to Cloud storage. Backups for Office 365 are critical for businesses that utilize any Microsoft Cloud service. They allow you to quickly regain information in the event your business has a mass service outage or is hit with ransomware.

Ready to Improve Your Security with
Office 365 Security and Protection? 

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