Transparency and the Internet of Things: Is Privacy Dying?

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In so many industries, privacy and confidentiality are the currency of success.  Law offices, financial firms, and healthcare providers cannot operate effectively without guaranteeing the privacy and security of their client and patient data.  But what about the consumer world and the growing Internet of Things? We live in a world with millions of connected devices and billions more coming online.  Cameras, glasses, drones, fridges, autonomous cars, HVAC units, smart homes, Smart TVs … Almost everything that is powered on has the capacity to connect to the world-wide information ecosystems and communicate details of your behavior, likes, and habits. Will privacy exist anywhere outside of our regulated industries and institutions?  Do we care?

One upside of this growing lack of privacy is an increase in transparency and access to information.  With every smartphone live tweeting and every camera recording, it’s getting harder to hide and easier to find out what’s going on around the world and in your city.  Given that most bad stuff happens in the dark, it stands to reason that increasing transparency means we could see a decrease in criminal behavior.  If only the world were that simple.  Cybercrime is on the rise and with every new device we have a new attack surface that needs to be secured.  Under the auspices of “improving services and customizing your experience” more and more online services and connected devices are recording your behavior and analyzing your habits.  How much “sharing” are you comfortable with?  Is the transparency we get worth the loss of privacy?

Do you worry about information security in your home life the same way you do in business?  Let’s talk.

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