Your data is at risk. The complexity of today’s cloud based server, storage, and network infrastructure means that yesterday’s methods for backups just aren’t up to the challenge. Up to 30% tape backups are corrupted and irretrievable. If your organization is faced with a disaster scenario (flood, fire, or other disruption), you need to get these complex systems back online as quickly as possible.

Legal and regulatory pressures for data discovery and accessibility are putting pressure on your IT team to ensure your data archives are searchable and retrievable. We can help.

Get turnkey and cost-effective Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity with IT Weapons Data Protection Services. Our 100% Canadian disk-based Data Protection Services will help you reduce the risks and keep your business safe.

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  • Fully encrypted disk-based backup & archiving solutions
  • Server replication & restoration
  • Multi-site failover & high-availability storage
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • DR & BC plan audits and consulting