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The DC Manager just told me we hit another milestone; 700 Managed Servers.  I told him, “thats great – tell me when we hit 1000; thats my goal for 2010”.  When he left the room, I sat back and thought about the days when Jay and I used to meet @ Timmy’s planning our monthly schedules.  We owned 2 used servers hosted in a closet behind DSL and a SOHO firewall.  9 years later and we have 7 figures in investment at our Data Centres and 20 people maintaining them.  Back then, the vision ‘napkin’ (which is currently in our vault) showed the design of an infrastructure that could host 1000 production servers across multiple data centres, with failover capabilities that would ensure minimal downtime.  All allowing SMB, and Enterprise clients to leverage our skills and infrastructure on-demand.  They could focus on growing their business and then we could grow ours.  It was the only way we could do it – truly integrated relationship.   Well, from the napkin to raised floor – it’s all there and it’s all working.  We have learned a few serious lessons – technical and business – but it is a very impressive, low TCO environment.  So…..that napkin – turns out we designed the ITW Cloud.  Its very cool – to have followed through on a vision and in the end getting the bonus of a fancy new label which happens to be a Top 3 trend in IT.  We just finished a new revision of our website and The Cloud is a key component.  Check it out   or even

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