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Well, after hacking around on various teams, we decided to put together an official IT Weapons hockey team for this winter season!  We are very excited.  We have mostly IT Weapons people (Wepz) on the team but several clients have joined us to ice a decent team this year with a 15 person roster.  We have our first game tomorrow night and are chomping at the bit to dirty up the new jerseys.

Each Wep will be wearing their ITW#.  If you didn’t know, each employee has a designated Weapon Number.  They are generated in order of hire.  We use them for everything; our phone extensions, our DIDs, our license plate numbers, and even in our XMAS drawing order.  I will post brief game summary blogs here as the season progresses but won’t clog up LinkedIn or Twitter with this stuff.   Let me know if you play in the True North Hockey League (Brampton).

Speaking of hockey, we are always looking to set up friendly games with clients or vendor teams … (we’ll even pick up the ice time bill and do wings and beverages after the game!).  But I just can’t promise we’ll play ‘customer hockey’ 😉

It’s good to be Canadian, a Hockey fan, and a small business! Oh yeah, the current Wepz on our team roster are: me, Jay, Nuno, Brett, Chris C, David S, Gary, Kevin R, Mike E, Robert C, and Robert E.

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