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Well, its a sad/happy day at IT Weapons and a remarkable first for our team.  Anthoula, our Marketing Manager, is departing for Maternity leave.  This is the first time a Wep will do this!  We are over 80% male here so this is a different thing to happen.  With an incredibly low turnover rate, seeing a Wep leave is quite rare (even if it is only temporary).  We will miss Anthoula’s brand management and amazing events …  but obviously, it is for a great reason … in fact, the very best reason!  I’m sure Anthoula will be a great mom, considering the amount of practice she’s had dealing with all the ‘kids’ here – me included.  And we need more mini-Wepz for the XMAS party!  The Nerf gun fights are getting very intense!

Congrats again to Anthoula and Chris!

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