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IT Weapons had another company culture victory this week. 6 months ago, one of our Wepz came into my office to explain that she wanted to make a change in her life.  She made the adventurous choice to pick up and move her family to Nova Scotia.  She asked me if she would lose her job in the process. I was happy to tell her that this decision would not change her employment status with ITW.  She is an incredibly hard  worker and a true team player.  Her manager and I put a simple plan in place to have her start working remotely – 1 and then 2 days per week as the months went by.  This would let the 3 of us see if not being in the office affected her work and our workflows negatively.  I’m happy to report that she and her team have been operating like clockwork with her only in the office 3 days a week.  Thankfully, the technology and tools we use make working from home and real-time collaboration easy.Yesterday was her last day in the office before shipping out east. A bittersweet farewell. She’s taking the next 2 weeks to move her life to Halifax.  I have every confidence that she will be just as effective working from her ocean-view as she was here.  She is the third member of our team in as many years to transfer to another city.  I am so proud that ITW has grown to the point where we can facilitate this kind of adjustment to the team.   I’m even more proud that we have hard working, committed people who work effectively on their own in other places across Canada.  This is a true win for our company culture.

Every day our teams design, implement, and manage the technology that empowers our clients to work from anywhere.  Adopting this practice  and doing it ourselves is just the right thing to do.

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