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Jim Collins’ 5 Stages of Decline

I just read another Jim Collins book: How the Mighty Fall.  This one did a great job illustrating the common pitfalls any organization–really, any team–can fall prey to.  He chronicles the 5 stages of decline that begin when we start taking our success for granted and forget the discipline and hard work that got us where we are.  In short, I learned to keep my eyes open for arrogance (founded or unfounded), aggressive decisions with little planning, and rash blaming for failures.

Internally, we discussed the book’s findings and we put together some PowerPoint slides for our team that tie this book to Jim Collins’ other great ideas.  After sharing ideas and reactions, we decided to start making this slide deck available to our closest clients and colleagues.  The reaction has been nice.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a group of technology minds like ours can also be a source of insight when it comes to business strategy (even if the insight is not always ours!).  We try to produce value-add nuggets like this to aid our clients in any way we can.  Let me (or any other Weapon) know if you would like to get a copy of these slides.
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