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Since IT Weapons started to grow in earnest,  I have really wanted to see our logo up high where you can see it from far away.  And now we’ve got it … Funny enough, flying home from a conference in Dallas last week, Jeremy and I actually saw our sign from the plane as we were lining up to land at Pearson airport.  Looking back to our early days, after a few Beta versions, we fell in love with our logo (and the company name);  it’s memorable and it’s always a conversation starter.  It stands to reason that the more exposure our logo gets, the more interest it will generate.  Sometimes … we get a little too much interest!

When it comes to our customers, they know our name and they are clear on the symbolism of our logo: the ‘i’ and ‘T’ make up the sword alongside the word “Weapons” …  The name is a metaphor for the team.  And then we have our tagline: ‘isn’t it time you felt safe?‘   Since we moved to the Goreway office and put up the great big sign,  we now get daily updates from our reception desk entitled “Today’s Walk-ins”.   Apparently, to the non-IT savvy passerby, we are selling weapons.  Lots of weapons.  Our daily update emails from reception have become a wonderful laundry list of off-the-street requests for:

  • Machine guns
  • Hand guns
  • Knives
  • Swords (of course)
  • Antiques
  • Martial arts supplies
  • RPG’s (yes… RPGs… in Canada)

Our name and logo have definitely inspired interest.  As silly as those walk-ins are … Attention and interest are at the heart of business branding and marketing.  If you are curious about our logo, check out our FAQs.  If you are curious about the time Peel Regional Police’s Tactical Unit showed up, ask around next time you visit us.

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