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A cherished part of our onboarding process for new team members is getting acclimated with our culture and core values.  Demonstrating an understanding of what Weapons Grade means to us is important.  Some of our Wepz are tasked with writing a summary of just what that concept means to them.  Here’s what our new Digital Marketing Coordinator Daniela wrote recently … I had to share it.

By definition, a weapons grade substance is pure enough to be used to make weapons. It has properties that make it a perfect match.

At IT Weapons, being Weapons Grade starts with our team. It’s because our team loves what they do that they do it so well. A superior level of commitment and service is what attracts clients and grows our business. Each team member is perfect for his or her job, and the sum of our parts makes us perfect for our clients.

My understanding of Weapons Grade was inspired by a morning spent with Client Services. I asked Brett and Chris D who their favourite clients were and what made them so special. Their answer? “The clients who listen.” It took me a minute. There are so many other, more logical, choices. The clients that make us the most money, or who refer us the most business, or who have been with us since the beginning. Why would the clients who listen stand out?

They told me that the clients who listen to us are the ones who let us show them what we can really do. We do our best work when our clients value our knowledge and expertise. The clients who listen are the ones who trust us. The money, referrals, and loyalty will all follow. When they trust us to make the right decisions, we can be perfect.

At IT Weapons we believe in surpassing expectations. We are an award-winning IT consulting and managed services firm. We maintain the highest levels of industry certification. But above all we have a great team. We hire the kind of people who come in at four in the morning to troubleshoot a problem. The kind who won’t give up until the job is done and the client is happy. That’s what makes us Weapons Grade.”

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