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If I see a problem or something out of place it drives me crazy – I have to do something.  I have to try and fix it or find the people who can. Hopefully, we’ve all been taught that the first rule of whistle-blowing or complaining is that you have to offer up a solution. Nobody wants to hear you bitching without anything constructive to say that might effect positive change. Happily, most people I know seem to follow that wisdom. Sadly, I wish more people took action on their positive feelings too.

Obviously, you should make it a point to thank people, praise great service when you get it, and give referrals and mentions when you can.  The new economy is a social economy.  Word of mouth, conversations on Twitter, and constant connectedness is how organizations get new customers.  This is especially true if you’re in some aspect of the consumer market (rather than B2B).

Kind words can be powerful.  A great relationship with your customers and colleagues depends on sincere expressions of gratitude and compromise.  But if you really want rock-solid bonds with the people in your world … try broadcasting your gratitude or giving them some of your time and wisdom.  Help them with a project, write a LinkedIn recommendation, record a testimonial for them.  Everyone loves to feel appreciated.  If you believe in what someone or some organization is doing, don’t just say it … show it.

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