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Are we as good as we used to be?  I think so, but we need to be sure.  Jay and I have been thinking about this is a lot lately … and now it’s time to act.  We’ve been inspired.

According to the legends, after a fruitless 10 year siege outside the city of Troy, the Greeks hatched a plan to turn the tide of the Trojan war.  This bold move became the most famous example of strategy and subterfuge in western history.  The Greeks deceived the soldiers of Troy into thinking they had abandoned their cause and sailed home, leaving a big wooden horse as tribute.   Thinking the coast was clear, the Trojans opened their gates and wheeled their trophy into the city of Troy.  That night, a small force of Greeks emerged from the belly of the wooden horse, and opened the city gates for the waiting Greek army who had returned under cover of darkness.

The Trojan Horse has come to be a celebrated symbol of strategic deception.  Jay and I now have clarity … We know what we need to do.  We think you’re going to enjoy the results.

Stay tuned …

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