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Just a quick piece of advice.  We use Google Alerts (amoung other utilities) to keep an eye on what Google returns for specific searches.  It’s a nice hands-off way to monitor your organization’s web presence.  The way it works is this: Google Alerts does a defined Google search daily and just emails you the results.  For example, I like to get a daily report from Google for “IT Weapons” … in case we land in the news somewhere online.  So, we have had hits from the Hockey Rink in an Office, Profit 100, Branham 300, Top 100 VAR, and CDN Awards.  Most recently we have had news hits for our 10th Anniversary (see the hit below from today).   We also use Google alerts for various search strings related to Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Data Centre, Managed Services and more…   Another free e-service that delivers great value.  Thanks Google.

From:Google Alerts [] Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 6:56 AM
To: Ted Garner
Subject: Google Alert – “IT Weapons”

Google Web Alert for: “IT Weapons”

BramptonGuardian Article: Brampton company reaches milestone
“The entire IT Weapons team is proud of 10 great years and we look forward to 10 more in the Brampton community,” said company CEO Ted Garner.…/833932–brampton-company-…

Tip: Use quotes (“like this”) around a set of words in your query to match them exactly.

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