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Citrix has some cool messaging around the idea of mobile workstyles and workshifting. Like most cool ideas … they aren’t really new, but Citrix has done a great job showing how the trends toward mobility and a decentralized workforce are shaping the future of IT. Recently, Jay & I met up with Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO, at their head office in Florida.  We traveled down for a Platinum Partner business update and see his vision for Mobile Workstyles. Why the Cafeteria? They have a Genius Bar set up there.   Mark’s long been one of our most important mentors, so this was a treat.

Mark said it’s things like the work they’ve done in their office that really prove a business is committed to the evolution to a more mobile workforce. It was a great conversation; Jay and I took away A LOT of education on business philosophy and strategy for ITW and our clients. Can’t wait to share it.  In short, people are re-thinking work. Our collective philosophy on work and life and how we spend our time is changing. Connectivity to email and online resources is ubiquitous. I can’t think of the last time any executive I know didn’t check email while on vacation. Your work is always with you now … it’s an activity, not a place you go.

Some might balk … All this constant connectivity is encroaching on people’s lives and ruining their ability to be “present” with their family and friends. Instead of paying attention to your daughter’s dance recital, Bad-Dad is checking his email or stepping out for a phone call to close a deal. I agree, that’s too much. But I don’t blame the devices or the technology … I blame the guy who can’t manage his priorities. I work hard (and so should you) to keep that balance and not neglect loved ones or any work obligation. For me, I love the fact that I can be on the beach, my kids are playing, and I can take 5 minutes to check in with Jay in the office. Sure, it’s an electronic leash – but its a very very long flexible leash!  Forget that … It’s not a leash, it’s more like a lifeline! I was chatting with a client once – they were asking if I’m ever ‘offline’. I said it was rare and usually only due to inability to connect. They said they were a bit sad for me – but were very happy for them! I believe the quote was “I’m so glad you guys are on MY SIDE!” (Jim – Rule #2 is “Never leave your Wingman”)

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