MSPMentor Top 501 Managed Services Providers: ITW Honoured

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Our team is pretty stoked this week.  Industry media gave us a lovely Valentines Day gift … MSPMentor’s annual global ranking of Managed Service Providers was revealed and ITW has been named #76 on a list of the top 501 MSPs.  With over 8000 technology companies in just Canada alone, this is a wonderful honour and I think it’s a testament to our team’s growing expertise and abilities.

Speaking with our team today, it seems like the investment, heavy lifting, and hardwork over the past year to enhance our managed services practice is really paying off.  Gary Benezra (our Director of Managed Services) shared his insight “it’s cool to see our peers take notice of what we’re doing.  This kind of recognition helps to reinforce the value that we put on innovation and process.”  Gary continued, “sometimes the back-end work we do to optimize systems and automate for efficiency isn’t very glamorous, but when our clients and industry peers take notice, that feels great.”

As our annual Summit approaches next weekend, it looks like our team has one more thing to be proud of.

If you’re curious, here is a little bit of info on the the MSPMentor Top 501.

The MSPmentor 501 report is based on data from MSPmentor’s global online survey conducted October-December 2012. The MSPmentor 501 report recognizes top managed service providers based on a range of metrics, including annual managed services revenue growth, revenue per employee, managed services offered and customer devices managed.

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