Don’t Get Held for Ransom: 2015 Cryptolocker Ransomware

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How much do you know about the Cryptolocker Ransomware? Since the start of 2015, our team has seen different types of this security vulnerability popping up, and each one is stronger than the next. This new particular case brings on an entire new bag of tricks to make sure data centres, computers, and devices will feel the pain. Most cases will lock your files and tell you that you need to pay a fee to release them. That leaves users with no money and no files. Another case attacks gamers and holds their game related data ransom hoping the eager gamers will want their data back.

This threat is extremely sneaky and goes largely undetected by major anti-virus vendors. You read that correctly: undetected. In order to avoid being another statistic, our security experts strongly advise exercising extreme caution when opening e-mails, downloading files or browsing to websites from untrusted sources. We also advise that you share this information with your team so that they are aware of it as well.

Stay safe, and remember to always double check emails before opening. When a time comes that you might have to deal with unknown websites, emails or files, it is always better to be extra cautious.

If you believe that this may be an issue on your network, we recommend contacting IT Weapons immediately and we can investigate further.

Here is some more information from our friends at McAfee.

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