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The United States and Canada share the longest international border in the world (8,891 kilometers to be exact). Given the proximity between the two nations, many companies operate on both U.S. and Canadian soil, which can be a challenge for your IT department. If your business works across this lengthy dotted line, you need to make sure that you are able to provide your employees with the same IT experiences regardless of location. One common challenge your IT team can face when supporting a cross-border IT environment is providing quality, international support for all of your locations.

Today, more and more companies employ 3rd party vendors to support their IT environment. This may work well for your primary location and for remote support, but what happens in you need hands and feet on the ground in another city? If you are thinking about having a 3rd party company support your remote locations, it is important to know how those locations will be supported.

Will the same people that you know and love provide support, or will they hire contractors? Can they provide immediate support, or will someone have to travel to that location?  What if our company grows and we need to open a location in a new city? In order to operate smoothly on all fronts, your employees need to be supported equally. Being backed by an IT provider that can provide seamless, borderless support in multiple locations is an excellent way to prevent serious downtime and limit employee complaints about your IT team. As business continues to grow on multiple national fronts, remember to make sure that your IT structure can grow with it, no matter where it grows.

Thanks to our partnership with Konica Minolta, IT Weapons can now provide physical support in every major urban center across North America. Need to support locations abroad? Give us a shout to learn how.

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