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With warm weather heading our way, spring and summer vacation plans are now in full swing.  Whether you are planning a weekend getaway to the cottage or a family road trip, chances are, you plan on at least “checking in” with your team and your customers every now and then. With the ease of access to company email, systems, and data, it can be hard to completely “unplug” from the office while you are on vacation. Here are few technology travel tips for staying connected securely while away from the office while still getting some much needed R&R.

The Outlook Web App (OWA)

The Outlook Web App lets you leave your work laptop at home while still being able to access your full email and calendar from any device as long as you have an internet connection. It’s usually as simple as knowing the URL (which is general webmail.companyname.com). Using the OWA, you can quickly check your email from a hotel kiosk or your tablet without burdening yourself with your cumbersome work issued laptop. Ask your IT team if your company has this remote access functionality enabled before you leave.

Secure Cloud File Sharing

Who doesn’t need remote access to documents and data?  Make sure you are using a secure, company approved file sharing service (like ShareFile, SharePoint, or OneDrive for Business) if you need to access a file while away. You don’t want to return to the office to discover that you accidently leaked sensitive company data to the world. Check with your IT team to see what file sharing services are available for you.

Be Specific With Your Out of Office Reply

The simple “I’m away between this date and this date,” might not always be enough. Let people know exactly when you’ll be back and whether you plan on checking emails while away (or if you won’t have access to email at all).  And always be sure to let them know who your backup is and how to contact them. Don’t be afraid to leave multiple backup contacts as well, just incase the matter is time sensitive.

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