The ITW Client Advisory Council: Looking Inward, Outward and Down the Road

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As IT Weapons grows and our service delivery engine continues to mature, the importance of client experience is getting amplified as well.  Internally we’re making strides to enhance our reporting capabilities, expand our security solutions, and we’ve formalized a problem management team to help us better track, treat, and prevent system issues in our cloud and managed IT practice.  Who better than the clients themselves to help us roadmap and strategize other new enhancements, features, and services?

What started as a few occasional focus groups has now evolved into bi-annual Client Advisory Council (CAC) meetings.  First and foremost, these sessions are listening tools. Our ears and eye are wide open. We’re bringing together trusted IT leaders from our client community to mine for deep insight and help us to validate our ideas on where we go next.

These CAC meetings are in contrast to our Executive Technology Exchange (ETE) events which we also hold twice as a year.  The ETE events aren’t about our solutions.  They are focused outward at our industry as a whole.  We zero in on contemporary topics and challenges and we bring Canada’s IT leaders together to discuss how they plan for and address the pressures they face.

We’ve built a series of strategy-focused events; together with our clients we are looking outward, looking inward, and planning our journey into the future of IT in Canada.  And we are incredibly excited to have you join us.

Interested in joining one of our CAC meetings or attending our next ETE in the fall?   Reach out to and let us know.

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