The Demand for IT Innovation: “Keeping the lights on” just isn’t enough

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There was a time when “keeping the lights on” was all an IT department had to worry about. If your staff had PCs, a printer, and a phone—and they were all working—you were winning. 

The demands on IT are much different now.  Your IT Infrastructure is a complicated ecosystem of hardware, software, and networks, and they all need to be supported, secure, and always on. Even if you’re managing all that perfectly, you’re still only just “keeping the lights on”.  And for today’s IT leaders, that’s not enough anymore.

CEOs are demanding more than just the basics; they need IT to innovate and help drive competitive advantage. But do you have the time and money for management, maintenance AND innovation?

Recent studies suggest that most mid market organizations struggle to find the right balance:

Up to 80% of IT budgets are spent on maintenance. 70% of IT leaders say a focus on everyday system management tasks is holding them back.
Only 10% of IT leaders believe they are using innovation to drive competitive advantage.

It’s not always possible for an IT team to do everything. CIOs and other IT leaders are looking to managed and cloud services in hopes of getting off the maintenance treadmill that is consuming their time and budgets.  That’s why more and more mid-market organizations are rethinking their IT strategy and considering managed IT services. Industry analysts predict that in the next five years, the number of companies leveraging some form of managed services partnership will double.

The right managed services provider will help “keep the lights on,” leaving your IT team the resources and time they need to focus on innovation and business improvements. Moving to a cloud-based model for IT offers state-of-the art infrastructure for a predictable and scalable monthly cost. Together, these services—and the change in priorities—are helping the midmarket find a balance between management, maintenance AND innovation.

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