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For most of the non-technical population, the concept of “The Cloud” is still abstract and unknown. Where, exactly, is the Cloud? Is it a real, tangible place? On a similar note, the phrase “data centre” generally brings up images of endless racks or servers, swirling fans, blinking lights and Star Trek like security features. Behind the mythical nature of the Cloud and the futurist, robotic perception of a Data Centre, is a team of technical smart folk who keep it all running smoothly. Meet the IT Weapons’ Cloud and Data Centre team.

The Cloud and Data centre team is responsible for the storage, backup, archiving, design, and resiliency for all ITW and client data that lives in the ITW Cloud. In addition, this team manages the physical layout of the data centre; from racking and cabling to cooling and emergency power.  For any MSP, having a smooth running and highly available data centre is a must, and without a top-notch cloud and data centre team, this would be nearly impossible to achieve.

In an addition to monitoring the current state of the Cloud and Data Centre, our team is also responsible for capacity planning, which is essential for future growth and stability. Another central component of this team is the smooth operation of our online backup solution, Data Protection Services (DPS). ITW’s DPS team managed nearly 1 PB of backup data that is ready and waiting to be restored at a moment’s notice. Cloud backups also play a critical role in the defense against ransomware, since instead of paying a ransom to unlock your encrypted files, you could simply restore them from a secure backup. Backups also are essential for any Disaster Recovery plan, since they not only keep secure copies of your data, but it also provides a means to get your systems back up and running quickly in the event of a disaster.

ITW’s Cloud and Data Centre team has evolved greatly over the years and today, this practice is supported by two Cloud Administrators, two Data Protection Consultants, and an Enterprise Engineer who all work to improve and upgrade our Cloud practice.

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