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What do a Senior Director, Facilities Supervisor, Business Intelligence (BI) Specialist, and a Business Operations Coordinator have in common? They are all part of the IT Weapons Business Operations/Knowledge Management Team! As one of ITW’s most eclectic teams, this group is responsible for managing ITW’s Business Intelligence practice, supporting our sales and consulting teams, organizing ITW’s vast array of internal knowledge and information, and (literally) keeping the lights on.

Business Intelligence

Twice a year, ITW conducts a meeting of our Client Advisory Council, a group of client leaders that help shape the level of service delivery and support we provide. During one of the first meetings, many clients expressed a desire for more readily available reporting and information on their IT systems. Thus, the ITW BI practice and our Client Reporting Portal was born. Designed by our inhouse BI developer, the new portal embraces a new way of decision making based on accurate and up to date information that is ready at the click of a button. Wrapping Business Intelligence tools around all our services and our internal processes is about empowering better decisions and enhancing client experience in a predictive and meaningful way. Without our development team, this couldn’t be possible.

Business Operations, Sales Support, and Knowledge Management

24/7 support, patching systems and building IT environments are well known tasks for an IT service provider. However, there are many other key tasks involved when operating a consulting and services organization. Part of our operations team is responsible for supporting our sales team by keeping track of consulting time and projects and helping to keep key internal systems organized and efficient.

Part of this effort also includes a relative new aspect for ITW: Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management is the process of organizing and managing all the knowledge and information in an organization. Lately, this has included helping to organize and define practices around ITW’s internal SharePoint based intranet.

Facilities Management

Last but not least for this wide-ranging team is managing all aspects of our 36,000 square foot facility. With a raised floor environment, two fully equipped alternate workspaces, 10 + automated meeting rooms, two kitchens and shower facilities, this is no small task. Our facilities team is also responsible for managing critical client equipment (servers, routers, switches, etc.) before it is deployed out to a client site.

Our operations/Knowledge Management team helps keep ITW in working order, while also helping to develop cutting edge new solutions, such as our BI driven client reporting portal.


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