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Imagine 80% of your IT team’s time and effort was focused on innovation. text

What could you accomplish? You could develop a mobile app for your customers, refine an internal process that helps your sales reps, or even assist your marketing department with business analytics. But you can’t do this can you?

The reality is, 80% of an IT department’s time, effort and money are dedicated to management and maintenance. Almost all of your company’s IT resources are “just keeping the lights on.” Like most organizations, your technical folks are probably starved for innovation time. Is there a way to break this 80/20 split?

Maybe your organization can use less technology. That’s doubtful. You can’t go back in time. Ten years ago all users needed was a computer and access to the network. Now most users have at least three devices and their demands on backend infrastructure are tremendous. Technology is getting more complex, not less. So what can you do?

It’s time to rethink IT

If you can’t use less technology, you need to find a way to spend less time managing and maintaining it. Find a partner you can trust, and let them worry about keeping the lights on. Offload that 80% so your team can finally give all their attention to what really matters.

Looking after that 80% is what we do best. If you want us to “keep the lights on,” we do that. If you want us to automate the lights so they turn on when you enter the office, we do that too.

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