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Backpack? Check.
Pens, pencils, and notebooks? Check.
Books? Check.
Cyber Security?…Ooops!

This time of year, parents are preparing to reclaim their homes and ship their children back to school, but is internet security on their “Back to School” checklist? Recent news has been filled with stories about large companies who suffered a significant data breach, but remember that hackers and cyber criminals also target ordinary individuals, and students are no exception. Malware, ransomware, zero day vulnerabilities and other internet attacks can ruin your school experience by corrupting important files, putting your computer, tablet, or smart phone out of commission for a lengthy period of time, or even infecting the network of the entire school. Yikes. Here are some tips to help students protect their technology this school year:

Tip # 1: Keep your Device Updated

Always make sure to keep your device and applications updated. Updates to your PC, tablet, or phone are not just about getting the latest and sleekest new operating system. This is a security exercise too. Installing the latest updates for your device helps ensure you are getting protection from industry-know viruses and vulnerabilities.

Tip #2: Don’t forget about Anti-virus

You get what you pay for. Having reliable and trusted anti-virus software is one of the most basic and important steps you can take towards cyber security, yet it is often overlooked. Often times, freeware won’t cut it. And beware of trial versions of AV that come with new laptops. It’s easy to forget that this software requires a subscription to continue your protection. Make the investment to stay safe and get peace of mind.

Tip # 3: Lock your Device

Today, students often prefer the speed of clicking their phone awake and jumping right into the action, without a passcode. In crowded classrooms, campuses, and dorm rooms, unprotected devices are easy targets. It only takes a second for someone to grab your laptop or device and steal your information …. or even infect it with malware. Don’t sacrifice security for convenience.

Have questions about staying internet safe this school year? Contact our Security experts for more hints, tips, and best practices.

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