Afraid to go VoIP? 3 Reasons why people are scared to upgrade their phone systems

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For many businesses, switching to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution is a daunting decision. Everyone in the office is accustomed to your current (albeit outdated) phone system, regardless of the fact that you may have higher bills or decreased efficiency. To make matters worse, the market is full of variety, competition to choose from, and the transition itself can be concerning.

When switching to VoIP, you must consider the reasoning and the many aspects behind it.

Reason # 1: Fear of Change

Many people are fearful of implementing and using new technology. Once upon a time, people rejected other scary new aged technology such as fax machines, email, and smart phones…all because they were new and seemed too difficult or unnecessary at the time. If you require a stable communication platform for your business, then chances are you have already moved to VoIP. The fear from those who have yet to convert comes from unwillingness to progress from an operational position.

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Reason #2: Fear of Unknown Costs

Another particular fear is that training the staff will cost too much time and money. In fact, the opposite is probably true. Placing a call on a landline in most cases is extremely similar to that of a VoIP set. Additionally, with VoIP, you can attach adapters that allow more phones to be used. The idea that VoIP materials and hardware are pricey and aren’t something that can be properly budgeted only seeks to hinder entrepreneurial progress.

Reason #3: It’s Not Worth It

Many phone models support multiple lines and can support as many devices as necessary. Subscribers to VoIP can save anywhere from 40 to 60% compared to landline users. This leads me to my next point of accessibility. A workspace with multiple locations is perfect for VoIP because everyone can take advantage of the service plan. In addition, VoIP brings along tons of additional benefits that are not available with traditional phones, such as easier access to Voicemail and call forwarding features.

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