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A Network Operations Centre, or NOC, is one of the mostly widely recognized terms in the technology world. The name conjures up images of a wall filled with high definition monitors packed with graphs, charts, figures, and numbers that only an operator from the Matrix could fully comprehend. A NOC also represents a high tech approach to managing complex IT infrastructure, with a battery of automated alerts and sophisticated monitoring technology. However, Network Operations still employ a critical human component who decipher, troubleshoot, and analyze data and network issues as they arise.

What is Network Operations?

A Network Operations Team, or NetOps (The IT Weapons Network Operations Team), is responsible for overseeing complex networking environments, focusing on ensuring high availability for critical business systems. The IT Weapons NetOps team, for example, is responsible for handling and remediating system issues such as internet and power outages, DDoS attacks, and network failures that have been escalated from our Service Desk.

The NetOps team is also responsible for monitoring our clients’ network environments to make sure everything runs smoothly. They will monitor network activity, analyze bandwidth spikes and high usage periods, and be on alert for network attacks and security issues.

How does a Network Operations Team differ from a Service Desk?

At IT Weapons, the NetOps team and Service Desk all fall under our Managed Service practice, which is responsible for providing end user support, monitoring our clients’ networks, and maintaining the overall security and upkeep for our core IT infrastructure. While the Service Desk mainly focuses on end user support and system maintenance, our Network Operations team handles complex network issues and is ready to leap into action to correct critical incidents. By having a dedicated Network Operations Team acting as Tier 3 support, IT Weapons is able to respond to critical issues quickly and efficiently, without interfering with day to day client support.

The Network Operations team also provides proactive support by analyzing trends and remediating small issues before they can become critical incidents. This ongoing analysis also plays a big role when companies are looking to make an upgrade to their core infrastructure, as it gives them critical business data needed for making informed decisions.

The IT Weapons Network Operations team is an essential component of our Managed Services practice which works to keep our network available, functional, and secure.

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