1. Does going All-In affect how I do my job?

Yes. We are going to make your life easier. IT Weapons All-In Managed Services provides you with the latest technologies, including a new computer, more flexibility to work anywhere, and enhanced support for all of your IT needs. With All-In, productivity and collaboration with your team just got easier.


2. Can I access my work apps and data from home?

Yes. You will be getting a virtual desktop. As long as you have an Internet connection, your work apps and data are available anywhere, anytime.
If you require even greater “Work from home” power, we offer a specific Home User package. Speak with your manager about getting the most out of your home office.


3. Who do I call for help?

That depends. If you locked your keys in the car, call CAA.
If you have a problem with your computer or your company’s network, you can call us. Our award winning Service Desk is always here to help.


4. What is the turnaround time for support requests?

We guarantee a 20 minute response time to start working on all support requests.  How long it takes a problem to get fixed depends on the problem. Easy ones, like a password reset, get fixed super fast. More mysterious issues, such as a missing workstation, will take a little longer to solve. Rest assured, when you need help, our team of experts will be on the case immediately.


5. Can I get support after hours, or is the Service Desk only available during regular business hours?

Our Service Desk operates during business hours Canada-wide (8AM – 9PM EST). After hours emergency support is available but please speak to your manager first because additional charges may apply.


6. Do I get to choose what kind of computer I will get?

Drive Products management has done an initial determination of computing requirements for all employees based on their job role. Therefore you will be assigned a new system based on this (desktop, laptop, etc.). If you have any questions or concerns with your system please speak to your manager. The All-In Managed Services offers a range of computer options depending on work needs; from low-profile desktops to laptops of varying sizes.


7. I’m a Mac user. Can I use my own MacBook for work purpose?

Drive Products will no longer be provisioning Mac OS devices (desktop, laptop) as primary work machines. However if you have your own Mac device it will be supported through the Citrix Receiver to access your virtual desktop.


8. Will all my work files remain secure from threats and hackers?

IT Weapons has an entire consulting branch dedicated to securing and protecting our client’s information. To begin, we have put into place high level, industry leading security solutions on all systems and web-facing content. Second, general security practices will be put into place; including password reset, automatic lockouts for multiple incorrect password entries, and enforced increased password strength. Last, IT Weapons has many industry leading certifications and accreditations, including CGP and PIPEDA accreditation.

9. Why did you decide on Toshiba Laptops and Lenovo Desktops?

As a technology company, we take our own technology, and the technology we recommend to our clients, very seriously. IT Weapons issued a formal RFP to industry leaders, and chose our current stock of hardware based on technical abilities, usability, portability, and future proofing.

To make sure we got it right, all IT Weapons employees currently use the same equipment and applications you will be receiving. If it’s not good enough for us to use, then it definitely isn’t good enough for our clients.


10. Can I call for support from home?

Absolutely yes! (Please note that contact after business hours may require authorization from your manager…Also note, IT support is for your work issued devices, so please do not contact the Service Desk for help with your child’s iPad, changing your television remote control batteries, or because your Xbox Live Connection is down.)


11. Can I use my own mobile device (tablet, iPhone, etc.) to access the network?

You will receive access to your company’s dedicated guest wireless network for you personal devices. If you are using a company issued device, you will automatically be connected to your company network, with appropriate policies and controls added.


12. What happens if my device breaks?

Call our Service Desk! IT Weapons understands how important it is to have fully functioning work devices, so broken devices will be replaced ASAP.


13. Will I have access to all the same stuff I have now?

Yes…with an improved computing and user experience that is!

Our dedicated Client Experience Team will be onsite to work with you to make sure you are happy with the current environment and address any issues that may arise. If you appear to be missing something you used to have, let them know!


14. Will I get the latest version of Microsoft Office?

All-In Managed Services will provide you with the latest technologies, including the latest version of Microsoft Office and any other applications you require.


15. Can I access personal media (iTunes, personal photos) on my new device?

Well, maybe. You cannot install media management programs such as iTunes on your new work computer, but you can store personal files in your own personal drive.

Remember, this is a work computer, not your own personal device.

16. I work on the road. Can I still access my work files?

As long as you have an internet connection, you can work just like you are in the office (minus the office coffee of course.) However, there is a specific package available for users who primarily work on the road. Speak with your manager about this option.


17. I speak French.

Pas de problème! Plusieurs personnes à IT Weapons sur notre Centre De Support parlent français et nous avons aussi des logiciels et des claviers disponibles en français.

Toute sorte de documentation dont vous avez besoin peut être aussi fournie en français. S’il vous plait, consulter avec votre Directeur pour tout autre besoin dans les deux langues officielles du Canada: Anglais et Français! IT Weapons est à votre service!