3 Technology Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Technology is an ever-evolving giant that drastically disrupts both our business and personal lives at a nearly unmeasurable pace. From smartphones to Netflix to Uber to Airbnb and Lime, new technology in the first quarter of the 21st century has changed how we work, relax, commute, vacation, and explore. While we often eagerly embrace new technology in our personal lives, making changes in the office tends to come at a much slower pace. Complacency may hinder the development and adoption of new technology in the office, however, it is of critical importance for businesses to adopt certain new technologies as early as possible. Remember Blockbuster and Kodak? While these are extreme cases, business that stay set in their ways do not benefit from the productivity benefits afforded by most new technologies. Below are three examples of modern technology trends that all business should explore.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

While not new, MFA solves the problem of hackers gaining access to your systems because of bad password habits. With many employees using weak and easy to remember passwords, businesses need to find ways to close this extremely vulnerable security hole. Multi-factor authentication allows employees to use a password and a second authentication method, such as a fingerprint, token, verification app on a phone, or even facial recognition. Windows Hello is a modern way for employees to access their work account through facial recognition or a finger print, which not only improves security, but makes the user experience better and faster for your employees as well.


Software Defined Wide Area Networking, or SD-WAN, is a networking application that simplifies the management and operation of a Wide Area Network (WAN). SD-WAN adopts the flexibility benefits of cloud solutions and pairs that with the ability to overcome common networking problems such as network congestion, packet delay variation, packet loss, and service outage. As the technology continues to grow, SD-WAN is set to provide many major benefits for business over the next few years.


If your business is reliant on customer service or a long sales process, then Chatbots are definitely worth considering. Chatbots are a form of AI that collects information and drives customers through a process of a series of automated questions and answers. Chatbots provide serious benefits with time saving and information gathering that can reduce how long it takes to resolve a support call or provide information a prospective client.

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