3 Things Millennials Want From Their IT Department

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This just in…technology is important. Regardless of what you do, technology plays a critical role in your day to day work functions. Whether it is as simple as checking your email on the go, or relying on complicated health care technology to make life and death decisions, technology and work go hand in hand.

While definitely not a ground-breaking concept since technology has dominated the work place for over 30 years, with an ever-evolving array of tech devices at our fingertips and a workforce that has become younger and trendier, the relationship we have with our devices has never been more dependent. As a causal effect of this symbiotic relationship, many workers today have developed an even stronger dependence towards a functioning, helpful, and intelligent IT Department.

The basic goal of most IT Teams is simply to “Keep the lights on.” Keep things working, and people will be happy. Today’s workforce, however, has grown past this simple need. Below are 3 things millennials crave, and often demand, from their IT department.


While IT leaders will call it shadow IT, millennials simply call it getting their job done. Millennials, often seen as impatient, can ignore security and IT protocols in order to get something done. This usually takes the form of online applications that have not been approved by IT.  What millennials want their IT team to know is that they aren’t trying to be malicious, they just want to work. Millennials want their technology to be new, cutting edge and easy to use, and this isn’t just because of their vanity.

Since millennials grew up in the technology age, younger employees are used to using modern and new technology every day, and have a difficult time transitioning to clunky, hard to use corporate applications. Millennials don’t want to be seen as simple rule breakers, but as employees who work hard and do what needs to get done. Instead of being angry about policy infractions, millennials would like their IT department to understand that they may have needs that aren’t currently being met.


Another common knock on millennials is that they are impatient. Similar to the above point, millennials grew up in a fast paced, constantly changing technical world, and have difficulty adjusting to typical corporate structure that doesn’t have a focus on technology. Therefore, millennials often struggle with waiting for IT on projects, or to receive new, speedy devices. IT teams need to embrace this mentality, as millennials who are equipped with the right tools, can be alarmingly productive.


With technology constantly changing, millennials crave the newest, greatest ways to work. Younger employees are known to embrace change quicker, and they also want that change to happen. IT departments should not be afraid to try new solutions, knowing that the younger workforce is just waiting to get their hands on it.

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