Digital Maturity & The Acceleration of Tech for Canadian Business

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Digital Maturity & The Acceleration of Tech for Canadian Business

Today’s rate of organizational evolution is faster than ever. As complexity increases, experts say the most significant challenge for small and mid-sized organizations in their journeys toward digital transformation is a lack of internal skill and resources.
The question has never been more pressing: do you have a strategy to keep up with the pace of change?

The Permanence of Digital Transformation

In his research, acclaimed author and NYU professor Scott Galloway suggests that one of the primary legacies of the pandemic will be as an accelerator of existing trends. In terms of business technology, it’s undeniable that the global crisis has left some radical and lasting changes.

Across every industry, a renewed focus on distributed collaboration and digital client experiences has elevated the already principal role of technology to new heights. All Canadian businesses have struggled with the rapid adoption of hybrid-cloud application and data platforms and, as a result, face the increasing centrality of cyber security in all aspects of work.

Unfortunately, the planning horizons for smaller, growing companies aren’t long enough to accommodate the speed of technological adoption. Most don’t have the luxury to map out the next three years. Instead, planning horizons are typically six months to a year. When you couple the lack of planning with a mobile workforce that accesses apps and information from outside the office, it’s clear why security and risk management must be a permanent fixture of all business operations.

In our personal lives, we all desire a return to normalcy. For many, this means safely gathering in groups and free travel. In the new economy, there is no “going back.” The world has changed forever. The mandate for leaders now is to normalize these developments and develop a plan for a future that empowers a hybrid workforce and delivers meaningful, digital-first customer engagement.

In this, we could all use actionable and straightforward principles to guide and inform our decisions.

The Konica Minolta Digital Maturity Model

These are the reasons Konica Minolta created our Digital Maturity model. We want to allow clients to make sense of the dizzying pace of change and provide a framework to help plan for their digital future, backed by honest recommendations and research. Small and mid-sized organizations are at the heart of our digital transformation efforts because they often need the most help.
In this effort, we developed our short Digital Maturity Assessment. It’s a free tool that can help educate you about digital transformation and give you a snapshot of your company’s digital footprint. The custom report gives you a roadmap of your opportunities. It helps prioritize technology initiatives across the four key areas of workplace technology: security, collaboration & productivity, connectivity & mobility, and business resilience.

Enable The Hybrid Workforce

You can’t get to where you want without a blueprint of how to get there. Taking the time to understand your technology ecosystem and any areas for improvement brings you one step closer to realizing an Intelligent Connected Workplace.

We’re here to help

Ready for a resilient business that drives efficiency and innovation?

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