Client: Weston Forest
Industry: Lumber Manufacturing & Distribution

About the Client:

Weston Forest is one of North America’s leading full service distributors and remanufacturers of softwood & hardwood lumber, and specialty panel products. Weston Forest operates a distribution and remanufacturing facility at the head office in Mississauga, Ontario, and uses several distribution and remanufacturing facilities in Quebec, Ontario, Michigan, and New York.

The Challenge:

Weston Forest didn’t want to be experts in everything. They wanted their business to benefit from leading-edge technologies, but they didn’t have the resources to buy that expertise in-house. When it was time to upgrade their IT Infrastructure, they went looking for a partner they could trust, who could provide them the technology they wanted, and the support they needed.

The Solution:

Today, upwards of 80% of Weston Forest’s IT requirements are handled by IT Weapons.
Moving to the cloud provided them with the predictable costs, and the hands-off management they were looking for.

Some notable services include: