Client: Ontario SPCA
Industry: Not for Profit

About the Client:

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) is the largest animal welfare organization in Canada and provides support, care, and shelter to tens of thousands of animals every year. OSPCA animal cruelty officers operate with the same reach and authority as a police officer, and are also responsible for educating the community on animal welfare issues.

The Challenge:

As a not for profit organization that operates on a budget largely comprised of donations, the OSPCA was looking for a way to boost performance and support a wide range of technical needs, all on a predictable and stable cost structure. Furthermore, with locations spread across Ontario, and often in remote locations, there were a variety of connectivity issues that faced the organization.

The Solution:

By moving to the ITW Cloud and a Citrix environment, the OSPCA was able to save cost by extending the lifecycle of their devices, while also increases uptime, security, and reliability for their mission critical services.