"The IT Weapons team has consistently delivered outstanding results. They assisted Benecaid with the expansion of our business-critical technology infrastructure which has enabled us to better serve our customers. 

Green initiatives are increasingly important in Kinark’s operating strategy, but we were having trouble identifying how to measure the environmental impact of our Information Technology.  IT Weapons was able to analyze our system and summarize the results of our recent power-savings and cost reduction projects. 

"When Body Blue began considering server virtualization and storage upgrades for our data centre, IT Weapons was at the top of the list. With immediate access to their senior consultants, I was confident that Body Blue had chosen the right IT partner.

"FirstOnSite Restoration L.P. was less than a year old when I joined the team, and at that time we were faced with the big challenge of integrating the main office and six other entities within a short six month time span.  We needed to roll out a central ERP and job costing system as well as incorporating all the email domains under one system. I was concerned about successfully delivering a complete infrastructure with a looming due date, and ensuring that we have the ability to scale and grow for the future expansion of the company. We turned to IT Weapons for their extensive knowledge in various technologies, namely Citrix and VMware. We needed to integrate more than 450 users across Canada utilizing multiple platforms without replacing all the equipment in less than 3 months.


The answer was simple.  Build a Citrix environment capable of delivering this new system without having to replace all the field equipment.  Also, with VMware, we were able to virtualize more than 70% of our server needs in little to no time.  We now have the ability to provide key applications to any future location quickly and easily.  When the project was completed, the support leg of IT Weapons proved vital to the stability and assurance of the systems.  IT Weapons supported us throughout the entire implementation process and their attention to detail enabled us to be extremely successful with this monumental project.   In terms of professionalism, service and systems knowledge, IT Weapons personnel are by far the best in the industry!”

- Jean-Louis Marin, CIO for FirstOnSite Restoration L.P.
To learn more visit www.FirstOnSite.ca.


"It was obvious that we had outgrown our Nortel telephone system and needed to expand to meet the demand of our 18 locations across Canada. I was concerned about how costly it was going to be to expand with Nortel, and if it was the right solution for the future direction of Flynn. I heard about ShoreTel from IT Weapons, and after consulting with them we realized that a brand new ShoreTel solution would cost less than expanding with Nortel.


"The relationship we have formed with IT Weapons has been an invaluable one. Our company was outgrowing many of the technologies already in place. Reliable expertise was required to help form new solutions. Our initial contact with IT Weapons was in pursuance of a Citrix application delivery solution.

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