Client: Drive Products
Industry: Truck Equipment Manufacturing

About the Client:

Drive Products, a home grown company that spans across Canada, is one of the top vehicle equipment suppliers in the country. As an IT Weapons partner for over 15 years, Drive Products now utilizes IT Weapons to manage and support their entire IT environment, from end user support, to the management of all of their devices within our private Cloud.

The Challenge:

While already an integrated member of the IT Weapons Cloud and Service Desk, Drive Products’ internal IT team was still spending countless hours supporting end user devices and workstations, instead of focusing on optimizing and improving their internal sales and customer support applications, which are the backbone of their customer service driven operations.

The Solution:

By opting in to our All In Managed Services, Drive Products was able to refresh all of their PCs and laptops without experiencing a significant spike in their yearly IT spending, and also offloaded desktop and hardware support to IT Weapons, which freed up time for their internal IT team to focus on application and revenue driven improvements.