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The Scarlet Letter “B”: The Embarrassment of BlackBerry

October 17th, 2012 No comments

Sound Familiar?

We’re at the sad, ironic and kinda funny point where people are actually embarrassed that they own a BlackBerry smartphone.  The once mighty business tool and symbol of the tech-elite has become a scarlet letter of shame.  Until very recently, I held out hope for RIM – ITW’s history with corporate BlackBerry rollouts and support is long and deep.  There was also a point of national pride in knowing that a Waterloo tech firm had revolutionized and dominated the mobile device world.  Now it looks they are in a pretty deep, dark, and depressing hole.  I’m pretty much a convert …  love my iPhone, it works great for email, calendaring, and even letting me access my desktop resources with the Citrix Receiver.  For many, it’s getting pretty hard to remember why we loved the BlackBerry so much.  The New York Times recently published a great article on the growing phenomenon of BlackBerry embarrassment.  BlackBerry has gone from 50% to 5% market share in the US in just three years.  Yikes.  Read more…

Epilogue: iPhone vs. BlackBerry

January 27th, 2012 No comments


It’s been over a month since I made the switch to the iPhone as my primary mobile device.  On the whole, I am happy with the performance.  What I find strking is how the iPhone has crystalized all the BlackBerry shortcomings that once irritated me.  For some things, now I wonder how I ever put up with that frustration at all.  But I still miss that keyboard!   

I’d say the best thing to come out of this experiment is actually seeing the IT Weapons team join the dialogue and share their own insights.  Each of our teams uses their mobile device in different ways.   Our consultants have different demands than our account managers.  I am compiling their feedback on iPhones and BlackBerrys, and I’ll post their insight soon.  I’ll start with my own reflections.

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Chapter 4: The Ballad of the BlackBerry

January 23rd, 2012 No comments

Stunning … but not surprising… news this weekend.  RIM has finally decided to shake up it’s leadership team.  According to the CBC this morning, “RIM’s co-CEOs stepped down as heads of the Waterloo, Ont.-based technology company, effective immediately. The company’s board of directors unanimously named former chief operating officer Thorsten Heins as president and CEO on the advice of the two co-founders.” (source here).  This change in leadership has sparked plenty of conversation and speculation … but will it be enough for RIM to stay competitive in the mobile device marketplace? Read more…

Chapter 3: Work & Life with an iPhone 4s

January 20th, 2012 No comments

Again.  I can’t get over the lack of a keyboard.  After 10 years of typing on a BlackBerry, I was fast.  With the iPhone, after 2 weeks, I’ve just moved from pathetic to poor.  My Auto-correct issues are becoming the stuff of comedy legends (BTW, my wife & I have had some great laughs at this website:  – rated R).   I miss the keyboard.  I miss it terribly. But I will adapt.  I’ve learned enough cool little tricks that enhance productivity to compensate.  And I’ve also discovered a few peeves that are worth sharing.  I’ll run through that list and then explain why we didn’t consider an Android device in this comparison project.  In the end, I am definitely pleased with iPhone experience, but the battle is not over. Read more…

Chapter 2: First Dance with my iPhone 4S

January 19th, 2012 No comments

Anxiety.  The experiment is real now.  I don’t have my BlackBerry anymore.  It’s on my desk, but it’s no longer my mobile device.  The first day with the iPhone is like a first date: it’s awkward, thrilling, and filled with uncertainty.  It feels so foreign … and fragile.  But I think I like it. The activation process and getting the iPhone synced up with our Exchange email server was a snap.  Just like it was on the iPad when I got one in 2010.  Setting up the Wi-Fi at home, getting a few cool apps installed, and checking work email went very smoothly.   But there was no keyboard.  How do you compose anything bigger than a Tweet with just a touchscreen?  I need a keyboard.  The BlackBerry has a keyboard.  How do people send real emails as quickly as I did before without a keyboard?  The first dance with my iPhone is causing me mixed emotions! Read more…

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