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True security and business resilience starts with understanding that security is not just about computers and networks, it's about information, policy, and process.

When it comes to security, the IT Weapons consultants are industry leaders with CISSP and GIAC certifications. Our network solutions follow the most stringent ITIL, NSA, CGP guidelines and recognized best practices for optimal protection and system resilience. We offer a full range of cutting-edge Information Security Services to keep your business safe.


Vulnerability Assessments

Every organization is unique. Whether you need a basic scan of your website or a multi-day in-depth analysis of all your information systems, we provide fully customized assessments to fit your needs. We'll discover known external or internal vulnerabilities and give you the help you need to fix potential problems. Each assessment comes with comprehensive documentation that includes a detailed list of critical vulnerabilities and our expert advice for remediation steps.

Penetration Testing

Our fully certified experts can run high level scans to test vulnerabilities, or perform hands-on customized penetration testing and targeted attacks on all your internal and external facing information systems. We provide detailed analysis of vulnerabilities and attack points and help you determine the best ways to secure your environment. You'll receive documentation with a complete listing of vulnerabilities and remediation steps.

Network Design & Configuration Audits

Our award winning network and security consultants will review existing configuration settings on your network devices and examine the overall design architecture. We'll ensure your systems are in line with best practices and help you protect and utilize your technology investments. Full project documentation will let you identify single points of failure, vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. We'll also supply you with detailed recommendations on configuration settings and design considerations for the future.

Firewall Configuration Audits

Regular review of firewall configurations is an important way to help reduce risks associated with security devices. IT Weapons has the industry certification and product expertise to help evaluate your current firewall rules and recommend strategies for better securing your perimeter.

Policy & Procedure Audits

We examine your organization's existing security policies and procedures to ensure you are following internationally recognized best practices. We provide detailed recommendations for enhancing your organization's security model and help you with any compliance issues or help prepare your organization for external auditing.