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IT Weapons offers the next generation in turn-key Disaster Recovery solutions. Backed by our three 100% Canadian state-of-the-art Data Centres, our solutions meet the most rigorous compliance and security guidelines available today.  We’ve bundled the latest virtualization, networking, and data protection technologies to help you avoid single points of failure and achieve true business resilience.

Turn-Key Disaster Recovery

IT Weapons offers a wide range of solutions to protect and replicate single file systems or entire virtual machine servers. Our award winning team can provide fully secure automatic multi-site failover in case of any system disruption. We offer a variety of replication tools for any budget, to keep your business resilient and ensure you recover data quickly in case of disruption or system failure.  We’ll help you simplify system protection, and enable reliable, non-disruptive backups.

Weapons Grade Data Protection and Archiving Services

Say goodbye to yesterday’s unreliable and cumbersome tape backups and say hello to super-fast restoration times and reliable data protection. Our Data Protection Services utilize the latest disk-to-disk and multi-site replication, storage, and backup technologies to configure, manage, and maintain any size data protection solution, in your data centre or in ours. For clients with advanced virtual and cloud-based storage needs we offer customized image creation and system restoration services, backup & disaster recovery, long-term data retention, business continuity, and high-availability.

let the IT Weapons Consulting Team help you assess your needs and develop true business resilience strategies. Our highly collaborative approach will help you:

  • Take a compound picture of your business, identify risks and disruptive scenarios, and acknowledge vulnerabilities
  • Reduce the business impact from unexpected disruptive events
  • Recover fast and effectively from disruptions
  • Protect your critical applications and data
  • Improve staff efficiency and productivity by documenting and streamlining recovery processes